Engaging, human-centred classrooms in business education

Originally live on MONDAY, 13 MARCH 2023 (1 hour)


Join us for an EOCCS Community Webinar in corporation with The University of Nicosia Business School and Engageli


Many business schools are facing the transition from emergency ‘remote learning’ adopted under COVID19 crisis conditions, to intentional blended learning experiences. Research and evidence indicate that learner and faculty engagement suffered greatly during the emergency remote format online. The attempt to replicate the in-person experience in an online environment with technology that was not built for learning resulted in disengaged students, feelings of isolation, and fatigue. 

Instructors were struggling to both constantly learn new tools and use them effectively while combining a variety of digital tools to promote interaction and active learning. However, schools are now discovering that online learning enables the benefits of creating global, diverse, and engaged cohorts with data-rich environments that promote effective learning. As we look into the decade ahead, digital and blended education now has a far stronger claim to be a core component of Business School strategy. 

In this webinar, we will explore a case study from the University of Nicosia and how they have been driving innovation in learning by designing and delivering cutting-edge programs in blended, in-person, and online formats, using purpose-built technology for teaching and learning. The speakers will share their learnings and how the university is planning to enhance its reach and scale interactive learning experiences. 

Key takeaways:

  • Detailed concepts to aid online programme development
  • Practical tips to promote engagement and participation
  • Information on purpose-built technology for teaching and learning
  • Contacts and networking opportunities


  • Angelika Kokinakki, Dean, School of Business at University of Nicosia
  • Talia Kolodny, Director of Partnerships, EMEA at Engageli
  • Keith Pond, Director, EOCCS, EFMD Global, UK
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