Digital Learning Platform

Provides superior teaching and learning experiences
that drive student success


Supports multiple built-in engagement  drivers, including quizzes, polls, table groups, and content sharing. Tracks student activity both individually and as a group, providing the instructor with actionable insights in real-time and after class ends to continually improve the experience.



A data rich research tool that drives engagement
  • Real-time measurement of individual and aggregate student engagement metrics
  • Automatic recommendations provided during class to instructors and students
  • 70+ data points collected for detailed post-class analysis
  • Engagement data can be joined with other indicators such as assessment scores

Social, Flexible &
Active learning

Students can work in small collaborative groups that support dynamic, frictionless interactions and can coexist within larger class settings, much like study groups in a well-designed active learning classroom.


Social & Active learning

Organic & collaborative
Breakout sessions

Student Experience

  • Students study in active learning pods of 2-10 per table
  • Able to collaborate and interact with each other before and after class
  • Enables peer-to-peer instruction without interference to others
  • Organic and instant breakout sessions 
  • Focus mode for uninterrupted, immersive 1:1 learning experience
  • Unique in-slide poll and quiz integration
  • Synchronized high-quality video clips fully controlled by the instructor
  • Open-Floor and Moderated Class modes
  • Multiple modes for partitioning students into table groups
  • Conduct instant breakouts with the ability to monitor and seamlessly move from table to table

A platform built for
Digital Inclusivity

The platform enables access to all students, including those without the newest machines or the fastest internet connection. Engageli even works on a mobile phone.


Inclusive & Accessible

One platform
For all learning modalities

A unfied platform

  • Seamless support for hybrid classes and synchronous/asynchronous instruction
  • Every class taught on the Engageli platform is made available as an interactive asynchronous session with closed captioning
  • Gallery view with fixed and customizable seating provides instructors with enriched student information
  • Students access classes by using a browser without the need to install software
  • The platform is designed to provide a quality experience while reducing bandwidth requirements.


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