After Class on Engageli

In this section, you will learn how to:
  • Share recordings with your learners in an Engageli Playback Room for a seamless learning experience
  • View and process engagement data from your class sessions

Asynchronous Learning in Playback Rooms

Playback Rooms are perpetual classrooms where learners can, independently or in a group of up to 10, access class content and engage with course material. They can review videos, participate in polls, ask and answer questions in the Q&A, take notes, and - if in a group - chat, talk, and learn with other classmates.

The class recordings in the Playback Room are interactive and will include any polls run during the class for asynchronous participation. Notes and Q&A content persist in the Playback Room to provide a continuous learning experience.
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Post-Session Data and Analytics

Review engagement data in the Engageli Admin portal to identify areas of opportunity for your next class.
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