Getting Started on Engageli

In this section, you will learn how to:
  • Create and launch a class on Engageli
  • Change your view
  • Utilize the audio modes 
  • Use tables and audio modes 
  • Share your screen during class
  • Record class sessions and share recordings
  • Examine interactive guides of the browser and application


Create and Launch Your Classroom

After you log in, you can create a new classroom by entering the class name, and clicking Create. If you are ready to start the class, find the classroom and click Go. 





Organize Your Instructor View

We recommend using a second monitor to effectively manage your presentations and views of the class gallery and tables. However, if you have a single monitor, we recommend keeping all application windows visible, and re-size and place what you are screen sharing on top of your Engageli window.

Browser-Based Instructor Class Views

Single Monitor Screen Share Best Practices


Choose Your Audio Settings

Engageli has two main audio modes, Room Mode and Table Mode.

You can easily toggle between the two modes.

Engageli Tables and Audio modes are built so learners will always be in small groups and you do not need to create breakout rooms for group activities. This allows you to create rich learning experiences at the tables while learners also feel simultaneously connected to the larger class and the instructor.

Instructor Audio Settings



Share Your Screen

Share your course materials (entire screen, window, or browser tab) with learners for instruction and conducting engagement activities, including polls and quizzes. 

For high-resolution presentation, faster slide changes, and avoiding common issues with screen sharing with one monitor, convert your materials to a PDF and use the PDF Live File Share.




Record Your Class

Record your class session to share with your learners in an Engageli Playback Room for an optimized asynchronous learning experience. 

Review the  "Additional Resources" sections to learn more about alternative teaching modalities, such as asynchronous, hybrid, hyflex and how you can leverage the powerful capabilities of the Engageli Playback Rooms.

Additional Guides

For an interactive view of the Engageli browser-based platform or the Engageli instructor application, click below:

Interactive Engageli Overview - Browser | Interactive Engageli Overview - Application

The onboarding guides for the Engageli instructor application include everything you need to know to teach your first class.

Instructor Onboarding Guide - Application | Instructor Application Quick Start Guide

Learn how to customize and configure your classroom before or during class sessions.

Customizing Your Classroom Settings


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Teaching Demonstrations

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Teaching Resources

Maximize Learning Opportunities

After Class
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EngageLEARN Sessions

Active learning opportunities

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