Engageli Provides Safe Collaboration and Learning


Table conversations are never recorded. Educators can choose to record the learner videos when they interact with the class, otherwise only their audio is recorded.

Enterprise-grade security is built in and leveraged with your institution's infrastructure. Every partner data is fully shielded with secure data access.

Privacy & Data Security

Learner privacy and safety are a top priority for Engageli




Only learners with authorized access can enter an Engageli virtual classroom. If the learner's email address does not match the email address in the class list, they will not be able to join the session. This prevents anyone who does not have the authority to “crash” the class.


Learner video streams are never recorded unless specifically enabled by the institution or instructors. Even then, recordings are limited to learners who raise hands, screen share, or actively participate in the class by asking questions.



All data that is collected is transmitted over secure HTTPS using TLS 1.2, the data transmission encryption used by banks and other financial institutions. Data is encrypted at rest using 256-bit AES for maximum protection. Strict system-wide permission controls ensure that data access is restricted and strictly limited to authorized individuals only.


Data is stored in a secure, offsite cloud infrastructure that is SOC2/3 compliant. This data center is monitored 24/7 and access is strictly controlled to authorized individuals only. Any access to the system, including playing or publishing video/audio streams requires authorization from our backend servers. Data backups are held in multiple secure locations to ensure redundancy and availability.


Data Protection

Institution accounts are separated and protected in production from internal systems, such as development and test instances. It also lets Engageli apply strict access controls and auditing.

Secure Cloud

Class recordings are securely stored and can be accessed by authorized learners and users individually. Up to 10 students can collaborate to replay a class session - including, but not limited to controlling the playback as a team synchronously, taking the polls and quizzes, and participating in Q&A similar to a synchronous class.

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