By Engageli
on September 18, 2022
(Translated from Spanish)

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Continue to build community outside of class

Building community is central to a safe, effective environment for learners. We shared a few ways to build community in your virtual classroom, but with Engageli, you can take that a step further by ...
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Starting the semester with a focus on community

Whether you are in-person, online, or some combination of the two, building community is essential to creating a safe and effective learning environment. As James M. Lang, an education writer and ...
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Resetting the new maxima in higher education

According to Intelligent.com, over 40% of college students say their ability to learn, mental health, and social life have gotten worse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Professors report that students ...
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Engageli: a comprehensive solution for learning & development

Corporate learning and development (L&D) is as important as ever, helping companies gain and retain top talent, improve productivity, and contribute to the company’s success. Hence, it’s ...
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Five ways to have a seamless start to the school year

We know prepping for the new school year can be hectic. Whether you are a new educator or have tenure, we’ve gathered five helpful tips for a seamless transition back to your in-person or virtual ...
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Tyton Partners Founder's Five, an interview with Daphne Koller of Coursera and Engageli

Daphne Koller co-founded Coursera in 2012 with fellow Stanford Computer Science professor Andrew Ng with a mission to provide universal access to world-class learning. In 2020, Daphne Koller ...
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Why online learning must remain part of the education toolkit

Much has been written about the lessons from the Covid-19 induced pivot to remote learning in higher education but a recent feature in the New York Times entitled, “My college students are not OK,” ...
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Cool tool: Engageli

Here’s a cool tool: it’s a comprehensive learning environment purpose-built by educators to provide a superior learning experience and drive strong learner outcomes in higher education. It’s called ...
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What makes Engageli special? A culture as unique as the product.

As a guest at an Engageli All Hands meeting you might think you’re in a highly engaged university classroom. Employees – “Engagers” – are joining synchronously from six countries spanning seven time ...
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Talented STEM scholars collaborate on Engageli

Engageli, a purpose-built comprehensive learning environment designed by educators to foster active, collaborative learning, and deeper peer-to-peer connections, announced that it will be supporting ...
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Guest post: Engageli, a tool for active learning

We are honored to feature a guest blog post from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M)’s Digital Team. This article on “Engageli: a tool for active learning” was originally published on UC3M’s ...
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