By Scott Moore
on December 08, 2022
Next up in this series evaluating Engageli according to a rubric published in Educause for measuring the effectiveness of active learning technologies is the criteria: ‘Participation.’ (The ...

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OEB 2022 Shaping the Future of Learning - Conference Summary and Insights

What is the future of learning and who is shaping it? Are we ready to leave our pandemic mindset behind and make intentional choices about what our classrooms and learning experiences will be like in ...
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Easy to Use: Engageli as an Active Learning Tool

Please join me as I look at how Engageli measures up against a rubric designed to evaluate active learning technologies. You can find an overview of this rubric and how Engageli stacks up here. In ...
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Active Learning and Why it Matters

What is active learning?  The term as we know it today was coined in 1991 by Charles Bomwell and James Eison in their work “Active Learning: Creating excitement in the classroom.” Bomwell and Eison ...
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How Engageli scores on an Active Learning Rubric

Sasha Mathrani, a former teacher, instructional technologist, and current Engager, recently shared a post about active learning that highlighted two main points: 1) active learning matters, and 2) ...
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Engageli v3.0 enables active learning in new ways

Engageli is a purpose-built platform to empower educators to deliver engaging and active virtual learning experiences synchronously and asynchronously. Our team is constantly incorporating feedback ...
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What to Expect at OEB 2022 - Shaping the Future of Learning

The Engageli Team has been on the road this fall and our next stop is Online Educa Berlin (OEB) next week (23-25 November), an annual global conference and exhibition that focuses on the latest ...
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EngageLIVE Recap: Sensemaking in Executive Education

Recently we held a virtual panel on Sensemaking in Executive Education: Preparing Business Leaders for the Unknown. Participants from more than 20 cities worldwide seeking inspiration, representing a ...
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What’s in store at Learning 2022

The Engageli team is on the road for the next few weeks and we’re excited to make the Learning 2022 Conference in Orlando, Florida on November 6-9 one of our stops! Learning 2022 is the premier event ...
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Using Technology To Create Engaging Remote Learning Experiences

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic-induced shift to widespread remote work and learning, emerging trends in training pedagogy have accelerated, creating a new opportunity for engaging tech-enabled ...
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Life in the classroom after the pandemic

(Translated from Spanish)
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