Designed for Active Learning
and Student Success

Introducing Engageli - a comprehensive virtual collaboration

learning environment purpose-built to meet the needs of K-12 education.

Fostering engaging virtual, hybrid, and in-person collaborative experiences,

Engageli makes active learning easy and effective.





Engageli is the single platform designed to energize your classroom and engage your students. Created specifically for education, Engageli improves student outcomes by connecting students over fun, hands-on learning anywhere and anytime.

A laptop showing engageli gallery
Bandwidth-optimized browser-based technology requires no installation
  • Seamless blended learning: Engageli connects in-person and online learners, ensuring no student is left out. From amplifying on-site student microphones without picking up classroom speaker audio to streaming high-quality teacher-controlled video clips, Engageli makes virtual learning simple.
  • Game-based strategies: Our rich feature set allows teachers to easily make learning experiences fun and engaging. From emoji charades to real-time polls, teachers can drive student engagement and reinforce learning through play. Plus, there’s no need to juggle multiple tools - everything you need is built into our platform, providing an easy and intuitive experience.
  • Accessible for all: Our accessibility features, including screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, and inclusive visual design, prioritize every student.
  • Always available: Engageli's cloud-based platform ensures everyone stays connected, supporting both browser and mobile access to facilitate learning anywhere.
  • LMS integration: Engageli seamlessly integrates with popular LMSs', including D2L Brightspace, Canvas, Moodle, and more.
  • Safety and privacy first: We put the privacy and security of students first with our state of the art encryption and secure data access. Authentication on Engageli only allows rostered students to securely access the class and recordings.


Engageli recreates the engaging small group learning of an in-person setting with
the tools and analytics of online technology.

Based on active learning principles, Engageli enables peer-to-peer learning and collaboration through our tables. Teachers can assign up to 10 students each to specific tables, or students can move freely between tables and groups. When not at tables, teachers and student speakers can address the larger group from the front of the classroom. 

While seated at a table, students engage in enriching discussions on class concepts, work together on group projects, and connect socially. Engageli's tables give students an opportunity to collaborate and learn with and from each other, no matter their location. Teachers can also use tables for level-based learning, providing differentiated instruction to students at the right difficulty.

Engageli has collaboration tools built directly into the platform to save time and clicks, including:

  • Native documents and whiteboards
  • Persistent Q&A forum as discussion boards
  • Chat messaging of multiple levels, including teacher, tablemates, and whole class
  • Student and teacher feedback from several channels, including chat and emoji reactions
  • Advanced settings to give teachers full control over their classroom and the ability to monitor
Collaborative Table seating in Engageli
Recreate the engagement of the in-person classroom in groups of every size


Student engagement and participation are captured across class sessions, giving teachers a comprehensive view of their classroom dynamics.

Example of Interactive polls in Engageli
Integrated features including interactive quizzes, polls, and content sharing help make active participation a seamless part of learning
  • Attendance data on each student is automatically recorded for easy state compliance reporting.
  • Teachers can easily track data on student talk time, hand raises, chats, polls, and more to understand each student's interactions and engagement.
  • Detailed analytics are available in a dashboard for teachers to view and download, allowing teachers to spot patterns and take action to improve student outcomes.
  • Interactive polls and quizzes, including single-choice, multiple-choice, and text-based questions, can be built into the curriculum to gauge student understanding and participation.


A new Engageli virtual classroom is created for each class section. Each class session is recorded with closed captioning for interactive, collaborative, and asynchronous access via an Engageli Collaboration Space. The same secure link is used for the class sessions and Collaboration Spaces, allowing seamless access for students.

Engageli Collaboration Spaces provide innovative learning strategies that extend the classroom beyond the live session, both for individual students and groups:

  • Peer-to-peer learning: Empower students by providing opportunities to teach, learn from, and support one another.
  • Study hall opportunities: Collaboration Spaces serve as virtual study halls, encouraging students to come together and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Group projects: Students can complete group projects with built-in tools that facilitate team communication and collaboration.
  • Interactive tools: Students can catch up on missed class material or review concepts with the ability to post Q&As, take notes that are synced to the recording, and annotate screenshots of class content.
  • Seamless access: Students can easily access any authorized recorded class session, both individually or as a group. 
  • Shared player controls: Shared player controls manage the synced recording of the class session.
  • Attendance tracking: Attendance is tracked within Collaboration Spaces, making sure every student's participation and engagement is recorded.
Playback rooms where Recordings can be watched
Interactive, self-paced session recordings include polls and quizzes

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