Revolutionize the way you teach and learn online

Engageli is an online learning platform that creates a simple, easy-to-use environment for any type of virtual learning, focusing on outcomes.

Unlike rigid video conferencing tools, it empowers instructors to seamlessly deliver content in a highly engaging, effective way, while putting the learners at the center of the experience.

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Engageli is specifically designed for engaging online learning experiences,
maximizing the potential of every learner

Say goodbye to bored and disengaged learners,
and hello to connected and engaged learners enabled by a purpose-built platform.
Engageli empowers you to bring your content to life in active and engaging ways that keep learners captivated.


Tap into a high-quality online learning experience

We combined the best of in-person and online learning into a single platform to create an experience that is even better than in-person.


Empower meaningful discussions with a seamless switch between large group and small group layout


Instead of guessing which learners are engaged, use Engageli's powerful analytics to identify learners who need more attention


No more add-ons and juggling tabs with Engageli's built-in collaborative toolkit



Turn any existing content into interactive, active learning opportunities with Engageli's Action Tags 




No more misplaced session notes with Engageli's built in, time-stamped notebook




Make asynchronous learning collaborative with Engageli's interactive playback rooms 


Choose a solution tailor made for your needs

Engageli for Higher Education

Empower both learners and instructors with a new version of virtual classroom, where active learning and engagement is at the center of everything.

Finally, allow your instructors to focus on what they do best, so they can make the most out of each online class thanks to an easy-to-use platform built for online learning.

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Engageli for Corporate L&D

Give your employees the best environment for virtual learning.  

Improve employee satisfaction and retention when you empower your teams to learn and collaborate for effectively and seamlessly. 

Engageli for K-12 Education

Finally, creating engaging, active, and collaborative learning experiences that boost learning outcomes is just a click away with Engageli's flexible classroom. Bring the magic of in-person interactions into the digital classroom with an intuitive learning space that makes active learning easy and fun! 

Teachers: Simplify your teaching experience with Engageli’s all-in-one platform, eliminating the hassle of managing multiple tools. With data-driven insights into student participation, progress, and performance, save valuable time and make more informed decisions to foster student success.

Students: Dive into active learning with game-based strategies and peer-to-peer interactions that make learning fun. Create community by joining together around unique virtual tables, to connect and learn anywhere and anytime. Missed a class? Engageli’s Collaboration Spaces help you catch up and collaborate with peers whenever you choose.

Parents: Stay informed and involved in your child’s educational journey with transparent tracking of their engagement and participation. Plus, ensure your child’s safety and privacy with Engageli’s state-of-the-art security features.

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What's New With Engageli?

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