5 ways to use Polls in your Virtual training sessions

Sasha Mathrani
By Sasha Mathrani on February 26, 2024

Various studies have shown that active learning helps learners process and retain information. What better way to encourage active learning than live polls during a training session? 

With Engageli’s new quick polls, you can not only create polls ahead of time based on your learning content, but you can also add polls ‘quickly’ during the live session without wasting any precious instructional time. Engageli’s quick polls allow you to add a poll in live time without editing your content or slides. Quick polls can have single choice, multi-choice, or open text (word cloud) responses and you can save them to reuse again!

Polls are a great way to engage your learners, gauge their understanding, encourage them to apply their knowledge to new contexts, and ask for their feedback! 


1. Start with an icebreaker  (check out our 10 fun icebreakers)

An icebreaker is a great way to start a virtual training session, especially first thing in the morning, or after a big meal when the energy is low. Icebreakers not only increase the energy of the learners but also allow learners to feel more connected with each other which can increase their motivation to learn. 



2. Get an energy boost with an opinion poll

In the middle of a training session, often energy levels can fall causing engagement to reduce. Opinion polls are a great way to increase energy levels and get learners thinking and engaging with the material. Some polls like this might spark some discussion at the tables.


3. Check for understanding

After covering a lot of new content in a training session, sometimes it can be difficult to gauge how much of the material the learners retained. Using a simple poll to encourage learners to recall information from the previous part of the session is an active learning strategy that can be incredibly beneficial for the learner. And as a bonus it can help you as the facilitator understand how much of the content was retained. 


4. Start the conversation 

Small group activities are an important tool for active learning, but sometimes getting conversations started among peers can be difficult. If you notice low engagement at tables, you can always use a quick poll to encourage conversation. Ask a question and encourage learners to talk about their choice of answers.


5. Ask for feedback

An opportunity for self-reflection is a great way for learners to engage in an active activity to help solidify their knowledge. A simple feedback poll is an opportunity for reflection and a way for you to solicit feedback on your training session. 


Ready to get started with Engageli’s quick polls? Book a demo today and get started with Engageli.

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Sasha Mathrani
Sasha Mathrani
February 26, 2024