Lindsey Seril
By Lindsey Seril
on September 27, 2023
Is your video conferencing tool truly meeting your online collaboration and learning needs? With work and learning increasingly moving to hybrid and remote models, it's critical to understand the ...

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EOCCS Learning Community Symposium 2023: Recap and Key Insights

The EOCCS Learning Community Symposium, held on September 14th and 15th, 2023, offered an interactive space for thought leaders, educators, and business professionals to explore the value of online ...
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Engageli for Insurance Companies: Use Cases for Transforming Training

The insurance industry, a leading employer of 2.9 million professionals across nearly 6,000 companies in the United States, is in the midst of digital transformation. Research by McKinsey found that ...
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5 Reasons to Switch to Engageli Over Traditional Video Conferencing

The tools you choose for online collaboration and learning can make or break your success. Are you tired of making do with traditional video conferencing tools, navigating through endless tabs and ...
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Engageli AI: Designed for Efficiency and Human Connections

We are harnessing the power of generative AI to enhance learning outcomes, collaboration, and efficiency - all while we continue to center human connections. Teaching and learning can be tedious and ...
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Unleashing the Power of Engageli on the EdUp EdTech Podcast

Engageli's Academic Engagement Specialist, Nisha Abraham, joined host Holly Owens on the EdUp EdTech podcast. Nisha shares insights into her background, Engageli’s innovative approach to improving ...
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EngageLIVE Recap: The Future of Remote and Hybrid Work

Engageli held a virtual discussion that explored the future of work, challenging myths and providing tools for remote and hybrid work environments. The EngageLIVE session was hosted by Nisha Abraham, ...
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Increasing Business Growth With Sales Training & Onboarding

High-performing businesses recognize that company growth and success relies on the performance and efficiency of their sales team. However, the secret to a top-performing sales team isn’t just talent ...
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Increasing Online Learner Engagement With Engageli's Table Mode

As instructors, our ultimate goal is to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every learner feels comfortable and encouraged to actively participate. At Engageli, we are ...
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Engageli’s New Collaboration Spaces

Asynchronous Flexibility Meets Collaboration Flexibility is a key benefit of online learning. Being able to learn in your own space, on your own time, has increased access to learning! Whether in ...
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Zoom Out, Engage In: How Engageli Enables Remote Work and Productivity

The new cry of CEOs, particularly in the tech space, is remote work causes lower individual performance and reduced company productivity. As a result, there has been a trend of companies mandating ...
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