What makes Engageli special? A culture as unique as the product.

By Bev Rubin on August 04, 2022

As a guest at an Engageli All Hands meeting you might think you’re in a highly engaged university classroom. Employees – “Engagers” – are joining synchronously from six countries spanning seven time zones as Co-Founders Dan Avida and Serge Plotkin share the latest company developments as the classroom “instructors.” The team is spread across seven Engageli virtual tables, with everyone raising their hands to introduce new team members or share business updates. The chat is a flurry of conversations, mostly joyful messages about new partnership announcements and features being developed for the next release. Poll questions test the team’s knowledge of how customers are using the platform.

While some Engagers have a background deeply rooted in education, the entire team is driven by the company’s mission to improve education for all learners around the world. Pull anyone on the team aside for a 1:1 and you’ll quickly see the common threads that underpin Engageli’s culture:

Passion. Curiosity. Humility. Lifelong Learning. 

What makes Engageli so special is that the team truly embodies each of these core values. It’s the unique combination of educators, lifelong learners, and teachers who scope out a vision for effective learning, engineers who can get to the details and make the vision come to life, and entrepreneurs who know how to make the business come together, collaborating and scrappily solving problems.

Engagers move FAST.

In less than a year, the team built a comprehensive audiovisual platform from the ground up to specifically improve learning outcomes. In less than two years, the company built partnerships with colleges, universities, upskilling,  continuing education institutions, and corporations around the world.

This passion extends outside the company, as many Engagers give back to their communities through volunteering in animal shelters, STEM and robotics education, and alumni groups helping underprivileged learners. Engagers bring the collegiality of what’s important in the classroom to the team: respect, collaboration, and active learning. Everyone is an instructor, or expert in their craft, while also a learner. All team members have something to offer no matter where in the organization they sit and are encouraged to share their expertise with everyone else in the organization.

Most importantly, Engagers are humble. The co-founders are highly accomplished, having founded and led many successful companies, but are modest and actively practice continuous learning. They’re eager to hear new ideas or perspectives from everyone; no matter which role they play within the company or partner institution. This free flow of ideas sets the tone for the organization, where employees bring impressive credentials from elite universities and experience from Fortune 500 companies, but also a genuine interest in new perspectives and approaches. No matter what your background or title, team members are all equals and there’s genuine respect for all ideas and opinions.

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Published by
Bev Rubin
August 4, 2022