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Jade Mountain
By Jade Mountain on December 15, 2022

We are honored to feature a guest blog post from Jade Mountain, Director of Digital at London Business School...

Those of you who work with me know that I’m a huge fan of celebrating ecosystem partnerships. Like many digital learning and transformation providers, Executive Education at London Business School has had to grow its digital technologies partnerships to ensure delivery of an increasingly impactful online learning experience. 

Partnerships that provide unexpected opportunities for learning and collaboration, and foster high-quality interpersonal relationships, are delightful, and in my opinion should be the norm!

Thanks to our partnership with Engageli and specifically Talia Kolodny, Director of Partnerships in EMEA and Shiran Maor, Partner Success Manager, I was thrilled to be invited to host their latest Engage Live event, exploring sensemaking in executive education.

I invite you to read on to find out more about this event and why having strong ecosystem partners matters.


Want to learn more about the EngageLIVE session on sensemaking in executive education? Read Talia’s event recap here and explore the full session in the playback room here

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Jade Mountain
Jade Mountain
December 15, 2022