Engageli’s New Collaboration Spaces

Sasha Mathrani
By Sasha Mathrani on September 11, 2023

Asynchronous Flexibility Meets Collaboration

Flexibility is a key benefit of online learning. Being able to learn in your own space, on your own time, has increased access to learning! Whether in Higher Education or Corporate L&D, learners expect this flexibility. 58% of employees prefer self-paced e-learning lessons, as stated by the Corporate Learning Network's research. A recent study by McKinsey discovered that students in Higher Education enjoy the flexibility of learning at their own pace. However, they express concerns about lacking motivation to complete their courses.

Asynchronous courses often have low completion rates of 3-10%, which is why Engageli is thrilled to introduce our innovative Collaboration Spaces. We want to maintain the flexibility of online, asynchronous learning while combining it with collaboration and community. Engageli is bringing cohort-based learning to our online platform. Engageli combines cohorts and asynchronous learning, making them one in the virtual learning experience. 

Collaboration Spaces Product Screenshot showing learning tasks and people working collaboratively together

Students and employees can collaborate in Collaboration Spaces. They can use Engageli's collaboration tools for brainstorming, working, and learning together.

Key Benefits of Using Collaboration Spaces

  • Build Community

Virtual Learning tools that allow for community building often do so in asynchronous ways, through discussion boards, comments, and the like. Engageli helps create a sense of community. However, we believe that collaborating with colleagues in real-time can have a greater impact. You can achieve this without a live instructor or meeting leader.

  • Increase Motivation and Discipline

Learning alone can be difficult. However, Engageli has a solution for this.

It allows students and employees to schedule meetings with others or join collaboration spaces. Additionally, they can connect with new people using the platform.

  • Learning Across Timezones

Teaching a course in different timezones is hard - leading a live session in one timezone benefits some learners more than others. Collaboration Spaces provide learners with a lively learning environment and a community of people in their time zone, they can check out their live rooms and find a group at any time!



  • Reduced Load on the Instructors and Facilitators

With Collaboration Spaces, learners can benefit from an interactive learning environment even when instructors are not present. It is particularly helpful for instructors who teach the same material to different groups.

  • Invaluable Data Insights

Instructors monitor attendance, progress, and participation in shared spaces to understand what happens when they are not there. Engageli helps universities track and grade progress, and businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs.

Wondering how you can make the most of Engageli’s Collaboration Spaces? 

Use Cases of Collaboration Spaces

Open Study Halls

Enageli's Collaboration Spaces enable 'Open Study Hall' hours. Teaching Assistants (TAs) open multiple spaces during these hours. Learners can join any open room to ask questions, work with peers, and review course content together. This enables learners to work and collaborate without the need for a live instructor. 

Scheduled Cohort Onboarding Sessions

At a large corporate partner, the Collaboration Spaces have become a valuable tool for scheduling cohort onboarding. The trainer has created all the learning material for people to learn at their own pace. New employees take the course together in real-time to connect, share ideas, and get started together! Instead of watching compliance videos alone, they can build community and efficiently complete onboarding content. 

Collaboration Spaces have unlocked possibilities that people previously thought were impossible! If you’re interested in trying out the collaboration spaces for yourself, sign up here!

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Sasha Mathrani
Sasha Mathrani
September 11, 2023