Using Technology To Create Engaging Remote Learning Experiences

Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon
By Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon on September 29, 2022

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic-induced shift to widespread remote work and learning, emerging trends in training pedagogy have accelerated, creating a new opportunity for engaging tech-enabled learning experiences. Over the past two years, the digital connection between learner and instructor, employee and facilitator — and how to strengthen it in remote or hybrid settings — has come of age. Despite some level of a return to in-person training and upskilling, the way we help people develop is never going back to the way it was — nor should it.

Tech-enabled instruction, collaboration and evaluation enable improved employee assessment, access and learning experiences. According to a Harvard Business Review article, one meta-analysis of 96 studies showed virtual learning to be, on average, 19% more impactful than in-person learning. In fact, being in person can undermine the quality of learning because those experiences often force learners to spend many back-to-back hours in workshops to squeeze in as much as possible, with little time to digest or practice what’s being taught.

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Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon
Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon
September 29, 2022