‘Do it all’ culture ‘driving great resignation’ in academia

By Engageli on July 08, 2022

Academics are “burning the candle at multiple ends” as they struggle to marry an 18th-century ideal of their craft with the demands of the 21st-century world, according to edtech guru Daphne Koller.

Professor Koller, a former Stanford University artificial intelligence researcher who helped found the massive open online course provider Coursera, attributed “the great resignation that’s hitting academia” to requirements for university staff to “do it all”.

Today’s academic is expected to be “the single repository of all the wisdom of their field, a great communicator, a great researcher and a great grant writer [who] can teach online, all while trying to maintain a work-life balance”, she told the Universities Australia conference in Canberra.

“Maybe we need to have a more diverse set of skills that reside within a university without all residing necessarily within that same magic academic.”

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July 8, 2022