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By Engageli on August 31, 2022

Corporate learning and development (L&D) is as important as ever, helping companies gain and retain top talent, improve productivity, and contribute to the company’s success. Hence, it’s something all companies need to get right.

According to a Deloitte report on corporate learning and development, the average job tenure is 4.5 years, and the half-life of a learned skill is only five years, meaning linear career paths and functional silos are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of companies and workers in a digital age. “To be effective, the modern work experience must deliver an integrated, always-on corporate learning and development experience,” but “companies and their learning departments have not traditionally been set up to provide [a] seamless, interactive, and iterative learning experience.”

L&D typically uses a hub-and-spoke model, where a single facilitator (the hub) teaches material to many employees (the spokes). This approach is also known as “one to many,” and it hasn’t changed much over the last century, even though technology has enabled more effective and flexible models of teaching.

A comprehensive, innovative learning environment

Two years ago Engageli created a comprehensive learning environment that introduces several innovations based on pedagogical principles that support active, effective learning and employee engagement. This includes a “many-to-many” communications model in which the facilitator is still the central figure guiding learning, but where employees can also have close and seamless engagement with the facilitator and each other in real-time, in addition to numerous native communication and engagement tools, granular data, and full support for synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid instruction.

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August 31, 2022