Engageli and the coming wave of pandemic-era education tools

By Engageli on February 02, 2022

With the rapid shift to remote work and study brought about last year by COVID-19, tools that were initially developed for remote meetings were force-fit to meet the problem at hand. The result was less than ideal as we saw engagement drop, education metrics fall, teachers and parents rebel and issues with work-life balance emerge. 

Those tools then went through one of the fastest evolutions I've seen outside of wartime. (As with any long-term disruptive change, eventually, purpose-built tools do emerge.) I recently had a chance to look at Engageli, which is being developed specifically for education. The California firm takes a collaborative, scalable approach to the problem of remote learning, making it a tool that might also be ideal for specific kinds of business engagements. These would include specified projects, inter-company collaborations, advisory councils, and, of course, training. 

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February 2, 2022