Engageli Named Top EdTech Company By Holon IQ For 2024

Talia Kolodny
By Talia Kolodny on May 01, 2024

Discover why Engageli has been recognized as a top EdTech company for 2024 by Holon IQ and how it is making waves in the education technology industry.

Innovative EdTech Companies Setting the Industry Standard

The education technology industry is continuously pushing boundaries and redefining the way we learn. Among the trailblazers in this field are the innovative EdTech companies that are setting the industry standard, carefully selected by Holon IQ. The Engageli team is thrilled to have been named a top EdTech company, for the third year in a row. 

Holon IQ is a globally recognized authority in education market intelligence. They provide in-depth analysis and forecasts that guide the strategies of educational institutions, investors, and technology companies worldwide. As an industry leader, Holon IQ operates across more than 50 countries. They use advanced data analytics and machine learning to generate actionable insights and educational trends. Their influential reports and rankings, such as the Top EdTech list, are based on rigorous research. A comprehensive evaluation framework allows them to assess companies on market dynamics, technological innovation, and potential impact on the sector. Holon IQ's insights are trusted by over 20,000 subscribers and users. These include major educational organizations and government bodies. The EdTech top 200 list highlights the companies that are most effectively transforming education through technology.

Engageli's Cutting-Edge Approach to Active Learning

Engageli has garnered recognition for its cutting-edge approach to active learning. It is revolutionizing the way students and educators engage in the virtual classroom.

Advancements in AI and increased focus on technology-enhanced learning are impacting the industry. Amidst these trends, Engageli is uniquely positioned as a purpose-built active learning environment. It brings the in-person dynamic into the virtual classroom by engaging learners and educators. Learning becomes more effective, collaborative and inclusive in this innovative virtual classroom.

Making the Holon IQ Top EdTech list for 2024 reflects Engageli’s dedication to innovation. We are pioneering active learning solutions that meet the demands of modern learners and learning leaders alike.

Steve Preston, Engageli CMO shared: "We are proud to be recognized by Holon IQ among the top EdTech companies of 2024. At Engageli, we are dedicated to empowering educators and learning leaders. We are setting new standards for learning that are tuned to the needs of today's learners and tomorrow's leaders."

Engageli's innovative approach to active learning includes virtual tables, real-time collaboration tools, engagement analytics and interactive content. The platform enhances engagement, promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills and teamwork.

Explore Engageli and Activate your Classroom

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Talia Kolodny
Talia Kolodny
May 1, 2024