Boosting Online Learner Engagement With Engageli's Innovative Features

By Sam Daly on August 08, 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital learning, instructors are constantly on the lookout for tools that enhance the virtual classroom experience. At Engageli, we are committed to providing innovative features that foster student engagement and learning.

In this post, we'll explore three incredibly impactful features of our platform: Table Mode, Polls, and Video Clips. We'll delve into how these tools can revolutionise your teaching experience and provide a richer, more interactive learning environment for your learners.

Effective Online Group Learning With Table Mode

Engageli's Table Mode feature for grouping online learners

Research on cooperative learning has shown that small group and peer learning have been proven to be significantly important for effective learning. Traditionally, digital platforms have offered breakout rooms to mimic this, but managing these can be a logistical challenge. Enter Engageli's Table Mode, a feature designed to enable small group work without the operational overhead!

Picture your physical classroom with students grouped around tables, collaborating and learning from each other. Table Mode replicates this in the virtual space. Unlike the traditional breakout rooms, there's no need to manage transitions or monitor multiple rooms. The ease of use promotes more frequent adoption, increasing opportunities for peer-to-peer interaction, a vital component of active learning.

Tables provide a safer space for online learners to collaborate, as shown by the higher participation rates in spoken communication when Table Mode is activated. Learners say that the experience of Engageli tables feels just like a real classroom, even if they are in completely different locations and time zones.

Instructors also noted a difference in classroom dynamics when using Table Mode. One such educator shared how Table Mode didn't just replicate, but enhanced the benefits of in-person learning: "We were thrilled to be able to bring back the energy of in-person interactions, and then we realized we could take it even further. When you are in person, sometimes if the facilitator gives instructions during group work, you have to pause what you are working on, but with Engageli’s table chats you can continue the conversation in the chat even when the facilitator is speaking."


Quote by an instructor on the benefits of using Engageli

Interactive Virtual Learning With Polls

Engageli's poll feature, showing 6 online learners answering a questionRemember the days of raised hands in a physical classroom? It's often difficult to replicate that level of interaction in a virtual setting. With Engageli's Polls feature, you can bring that interactive learning experience to life in your digital classroom, and benefit from the advantage of having real-time results instantly.

Polls and quizzes can transform a passive presentation into an interactive session. We've observed consistently high participation rates in polls and quizzes on Engageli, even in large classes. This active involvement boosts comprehension and retention while providing real-time feedback that allows you to adapt your teaching to your learners' needs, and the reassurance that your class is engaged.

High-Quality Playback With Video Clips

Engageli's video playback feature, showing interactive questions and polls throughout the video playback

Video content has become an integral part of modern teaching. The challenge often lies in delivering high-quality video playback in a virtual classroom. Engageli's Video Clips feature ensures that your learners can view videos in their original quality.

Unlike screen sharing, which can compromise the playback experience, Engageli streams videos directly to users from our servers or YouTube. This leads to smoother, higher resolution streams, making it easier for learners to immerse themselves in the content and absorb the message it brings. Whether you're showing a complex scientific process or a historical documentary, delivering the video in high quality ensures that your learners get the most out of it.

Making the Change: Transform Your Virtual Classroom With Engageli

Embracing these features of Engageli can mark a paradigm shift in your approach to virtual teaching. These aren't just features; they're tools to transform your virtual classroom into an interactive, engaging, and high-quality learning environment. We invite you to explore these features and witness the impact they can have on your teaching experience and your students' learning outcomes.

Part of our role at Engageli is to always be here to support you in this journey! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need assistance or have any success stories to share. Remember, the future of education is not just about keeping up with the times, but also about pioneering the way forward.

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Published by
Sam Daly
August 8, 2023