Five ways to have a seamless start to the school year

Sasha Mathrani
By Sasha Mathrani on August 31, 2022

We know prepping for the new school year can be hectic. Whether you are a new educator or have tenure, we’ve gathered five helpful tips for a seamless transition back to your in-person or virtual classroom. For most instructors, online classes are a matter of habit by now, but we still forget to unmute ourselves, connect the right audio source, or use the best correct browser. So here is a short checklist to make sure you are ready to go! 

1. Test your system

First and foremost, double-check that your virtual classroom technology has the permissions it needs to connect to your microphone and camera so you don’t spend time fixing that during your first class.

      • If you are using Engageli, use the built-in system test to check your microphone and camera settings before your first class
      • Run a test class with some of your colleagues (even if it is just for a few minutes) to make sure they can hear and see you clearly

2. Check your screen share permissions

Hate when screen sharing doesn’t go as planned? Test it out before class to make sure it is working so you don’t waste time in class figuring it out.

      • You can test your screen share before class using these steps
      • If you are using a Mac, you will want to make sure that you follow these steps to grant your computer the right permissions

3. Set up your environment

You are the star of your classroom! Your learners should focus on you, instead of your surroundings.

      • Minimize clutter in the background of your frame 
      • Blur your background to maintain privacy  
      • Or use a virtual background from Engageli’s library of images or upload your own
      • Visit Engageli’s knowledge base to learn how to change your background on Engageli

4. Optimize your lighting and sound

No one notices bright lights and proper sound quality, but they are sure to recognize if it’s difficult to see or hear you. Here are our tips on having a good setup:

      • Find a spot with good natural lighting so you are lit from the front (sit with the window in front of you, not behind you)
      • If you don’t have good natural lighting, purchase a small ring light to illuminate your face evenly 
      • Turn off any lamps or bright lights in the background
      • Find a quiet place with minimal background noise (a room with carpets or rugs is usually great for sound quality)
      • If you have background noise, you might want to purchase a headset with a noise canceling microphone

5. Maximize your first day of class with learner engagement 

Whether you have a standard first-day-of-class routine, or you are looking to change it up, consider how you might boost learner engagement from the very beginning. 

      • Get inspired by the 30+ learning activities Engageli's Learning & Teaching team put together 
      • See how Engageli’s features can help boost learner engagement and start your semester off on a great note

Interested in learning more about how Engageli can take your virtual classroom to the next level? Schedule a demo here.



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Sasha Mathrani
Sasha Mathrani
August 31, 2022