EngageLIVE Recap: The Future of Remote and Hybrid Work

Lindsey Seril
By Lindsey Seril on September 19, 2023

Engageli held a virtual discussion that explored the future of work, challenging myths and providing tools for remote and hybrid work environments. The EngageLIVE session was hosted by Nisha Abraham, the Academic Engagement Specialist at Engageli. Our featured speaker was Dana Sednek, renowned expert in digital transformation and Chief Consultant at Dana Sednek Consulting.

EngageLIVE is a series of active learning, thought leadership sessions hosted on the Engageli platform. EngageLIVE sessions go beyond typical webinars by integrating audience involvement, roundtable chats, interactive polls, and Q&A sessions to connect the audience's insights and experiences with the expertise of our guest speakers. Below are a few highlights from the event. 

Evolution of Hybrid and Remote Work Dynamics

The future of work is rapidly evolving, and as discussed in our EngageLIVE session, hybrid and remote working models aren't just temporary fixes - they're here to stay. Read on for a summary of the insights shared by Dana Sednek during this session, including debunked myths, new realities, and tools to make the most of remote work. Or, you can experience a short summary of the session in our asynchronous collaboration hub.

Recap of EngageLIVE session in Engageli's asynchronous collaboration hub

Redefining Company Culture

The outdated belief that a company's culture relies on its physical location is being debunked. Culture is more than seeing company values written on office walls or water cooler chats.

In today's new work paradigm, company culture exists in all of the interactions we have and relationships we build with one another. Connection now exists beyond the office walls - we can connect with coworkers regardless of location in this larger, more scalable digital world. The power of the virtual workplace allows us to tap into networks of institutional knowledge, fostering a global culture.

Culture Tools:

• Digitize Meetings: Level the playing field in hybrid meetings. Everyone, whether in-person or remote, should log in virtually to ensure equal participation and visibility.

• Drink from the Digital Watercooler: Join digital channels and employee resource groups to network, connect with subject matter experts, and build relationships. This helps establish and solidify trust on a greater scale within your company.

Innovation From Anywhere

The myth that innovation and creativity depend on physical proximity has been debunked. In fact, 47% of employees feel more innovative when they're not in the office. This old mindset is fueled by outdated processes such as management by watching.

Innovation is fed by safety, trust, and feedback, no matter the location. Rather than saving projects that rely on collaboration for in-office days, see how you can leverage times and spaces for remote innovation.

Innovation Tools:

• Use Virtual Collaboration Tools: Regularly make use of tools like virtual whiteboards to allow for collaborative brainstorming and ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

• Crowdsource, then Narrow: Tap into the wide network of teams at your company to source help, ideas, and feedback. You can then narrow your focus by taking a couple of coworkers to implement key projects.

Outcome-Driven Productivity

The old productivity model where if you are not clocked in at the office for eight hours, you are not working, is an outdated way of thinking. The truth is that work happens beyond the office, asynchronously, and in bursts. Today's productivity is instead gauged by outcomes and results.

Managing productivity through outcomes, such as OKRs and KPIs, allows us to measure breakthroughs and increasing capabilities of teams and employees. 

Productivity Tool:

• Rethink Meetings: Understand and evaluate the necessity of meetings. Was it essential? Could it have been an email? Empower participants to provide feedback on the effectiveness and necessity of each meeting through surveys, and adjust your calendar based on that feedback.

Embracing the Future of Digital Work

As we navigate this new era of work, we need to stop trying to recreate the traditional office environment. Instead, we must shift our mindset and embrace digital-first approaches, leveraging tools and strategies to enable culture, innovation, and productivity anywhere.

Headshot of Dana Sednek next to the event title and EngageLIVE logo

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Lindsey Seril
Lindsey Seril
September 19, 2023