Increasing Online Learner Engagement With Engageli's Table Mode

By Sam Daly on September 13, 2023

As instructors, our ultimate goal is to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every learner feels comfortable and encouraged to actively participate. At Engageli, we are committed to empowering instructors with tools that nurture learner engagement and create a sense of belonging.

Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the transformative power of our Audio Modes, with a particular focus on Table Mode - a space where learners thrive and actively engage.

Introducing Engageli's Audio Modes

Engageli's Audio Modes - Room, Podium, Panel, and Table - are thoughtfully designed to adapt to various virtual collaboration dynamics and encourage meaningful interactions.

• Room Mode: This mode mirrors traditional web conferences, where learners have the freedom to unmute and speak to the entire room. It promotes spontaneity and open discussions.

• Podium: Here, learners can virtually "raise their hand" and join the podium, taking turns to speak to the whole room. It provides an organized queue for learners to share their thoughts.

• Panel: Instructors can use the Panel to spotlight specific participants or groups. When highlighted, their video takes the center stage, allowing for focused attention and recognition.

• Table Mode: The true game-changer. In Table Mode, learners engage in small group conversations within a safe and collaborative setting. With tables limited to a maximum of 10 participants, this mode fosters collaboration and opens doors to active learning and participation.

Unlocking Online Learner Engagement With Table Mode

Engageli's tables, with learners seated in small groups

We're excited to share the groundbreaking results we've witnessed in Table Mode. Engageli's data has shown that more learners actively participate verbally in Table Mode than in any other audio mode. This is a testament to the safe space that this mode creates with its intimate small group dynamics.

By limiting table sizes, learners can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, ideas, and questions. Table Mode empowers students to express themselves openly with their peers, knowing they are in a supportive environment where their voice is valued.

Fostering a Safe Haven for Active Participation

In Table Mode, learners experience a profound sense of safety and belonging. The small group dynamic encourages deeper connections, fostering an environment where everyone's perspectives are heard and respected. This not only increases verbal participation but also nurtures a stronger sense of community.

Table Mode allows learners to engage in meaningful discussions, actively collaborate, and explore ideas together. It creates a space where individuals can build confidence and grow as active participants in their learning journey.

Tips for Using Table Mode to Engage Your Learners 

We encourage instructors to embrace Table Mode as a powerful tool to foster engagement and create a safe learning space. Here are some tips to optimize your use of Table Mode:

• Promote Inclusivity: Encourage every learner to actively participate and contribute to the discussions. Ensure that each voice is valued and that no one feels left out.

• Facilitate Collaborative Learning: As an instructor, guide and facilitate the conversations within each table. Encourage learners to listen to one another and build on each other's ideas.

• Encourage Feedback: Gather feedback from learners about their experience in Table Mode. Use their input to further enhance the learning environment and make the mode even more impactful.

• Review the Data: Engageli’s powerful analytics can show you exactly when speaking peaks and falls through a session, so you can assess the impact of your prompts and adjust your approach accordingly.

Inspire a Community of Learners With Engageli

With Table Mode in Engageli, you have the power to inspire a vibrant and connected community of learners. Embrace the safe and engaging environment that Table Mode fosters, where learners feel empowered to actively participate and share their unique perspectives.

Together, let's create a space where curiosity thrives, ideas flourish, and learners become not just active participants but co-creators of their educational journey. Unleash the power of Engageli's Table Mode and nurture a transformative learning experience for all.

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Published by
Sam Daly
September 13, 2023