Mental Health in a Virtual Workplace

By Bev Rubin on February 02, 2023

As we head into 2023 as a fully remote company, mental health is an important topic to keep in mind for Beverly Rubin, VP of People at Engageli. In a recent Forbes article, Jess Cording, dietician and health coach, interviewed Dr. Daniel Selling, psychologist and CEO of Williamsburg Therapy Group, about mental health in the workplace and trends to watch out for. Engageli’s Beverly Rubin shares how Engageli is keeping mental health front and center in a fully remote company.

Dr. Selling shares that mental health will be front and center this year, as rates of anxiety, burnout, and depression are at an all-time high. Especially with hybrid working becoming the norm, he shares that employees “might feel more alone and disconnected from their coworkers and like they don't have any support.” At Engageli, we keep this in mind as we plan social and networking opportunities for our employees. 

Human connection is central to a fully remote company 

Although nothing can replace the experience of engaging with colleagues in person, the flexibility of remote work has allowed Engageli to bring together a talented team from around the world. A smile, frown, subtle and not-so-subtle gestures contribute immensely to our ability to communicate with each other. Without that we must find ways to create meaningful connections - an important factor as we work to deliver effective ways of learning.  As a fully remote company where we believe diversity and inclusion will be a talent differentiator in the workforce, we understand the importance of creating a rewarding experience that allows us to expand our knowledge of work topics and each other.  Engageli employees are spread across time zones, but connecting in real-time is central to our culture because the stresses caused by isolation can make it challenging to work efficiently together. 

The virtual platform can impact the ability to form connections

At Engageli, we are lucky enough to be able to use our own platform to connect with each other. Our platform (Engageli) is far more than seeing and hearing people speak.  It offers a connection between us that cuts across cultures and regions so that we get to know each other beyond our role at the company.  The features enable speakers to get an immediate reaction from their audience that can guide their approach to learning and the table concept allows for a level of informality that neutralizes the fear of being left behind.  I remember this feeling well - particularly in college when everyone else seemed to grasp the subject so much faster and how I’d cringe at raising my hand. With Engageli, someone who might be more reserved can post questions in the chat, or anonymously so they can still share their ideas and participate in work and social meetings. Removing fear and feeling supported is imperative to effective learning and building relationships.

Building connections on Engageli

In addition to collaborative work sessions such as our company all-hands meetings, we also hold social and networking events on Engageli, given how the features offer flexibility. We  even play games, especially ones where we can challenge ourselves to learn more about each other and engage those that may be silent in meetings.  Everyone wants the opportunity to be recognized and belong and know they are part of a supportive community.  It makes work feel less like work and promotes a camaraderie that binds us through the good and challenging times.  

Some recent social events we have held on Engageli include
  • Jeopardy (with questions featuring fun facts about Engageli employees - the Engageli table mode allowed groups to discuss in real-time and come up to the podium to give their best guesses)
  • Halloween Trivia (group opportunity to learn more about the history of the holiday - with Engageli's collaborative documents, each team had the chance to fill in their group's answers together while in table mode)
  • Worldwide Holiday Trivia (in time for the holiday season, team members had the chance to learn about each other's holiday traditions - Engageli tables and built-in notebooks allowed teams to jot down their ideas and share with their group )
  • Pictionary (classic group game using the Engageli whiteboard to draw pictures and have teammates guess)

During these events, employees are put in teams with colleagues in different departments, which allows for socializing and getting to know each other better outside of the regular work environment, building bridges across departments. Engageli’s unique table features allow teams to work together in a private, casual, and fun environment. These team-building activities give Engageli employees something common to talk about outside of work. This can break down communication barriers and help teams work more efficiently.

With Engageli having a fully remote worldwide employee workforce, these events offer a rare opportunity for everyone to get together in celebration, enhancing employee engagement and morale. 

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Published by
Bev Rubin
February 2, 2023