Technology innovation leads to richer virtual learning experiences

By Engageli on July 11, 2023

Making remote learning experiences feel like the in-classroom experience remains a challenge in Higher Education. However, providing students with flexible, accessible, and engaged learning experiences can lead to student enrollment and retention. 

It's not a secret, technology continues to revolutionize the way we teach and learn, and online learning has exponentially evolved in the last few years. Post-pandemic, the education system witnessed a sudden spurt in the adoption of concepts like virtual classrooms and hybrid learning which had a profound impact on the lives of the learners. According to a McKinsey research, students and faculty are eager to continue using new classroom learning technologies but institutions could do more to support the shift. 

DeVry University's unique legacy is rooted in technological innovation. As we continue to evolve and adapt to the changing trends of the marketplace and serve nontraditional learners, who balance the pursuit of a degree with family life and other personal commitments, flexibility is key. At DeVry, we use technology to connect our students to their peers and professors, and our goal is to provide a rich learning experience despite being virtual, or at a distance. 


Continue reading this article on Educational Technology Insights by Eric Stortz, Vice President and Associate CIO at DeVry University. 


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July 11, 2023