What Will 2023 Bring? The Future of L&D in a Hybrid World

As hybrid work becomes the new normal, companies need to recognize the critical importance of effective onboarding and learning and development to foster culture, community, and effective working relationships.
Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon
By Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon on January 20, 2023

As technology has evolved and driven both the creation of new business sectors and how both existing and new business sectors operate, there has been debate on what shape the future of corporate training, upskilling, and onboarding will take. Especially in the last few years, productivity and collaboration that was taken for granted with live, in-person training has been challenged by the flexibility and efficiency both hybrid learning and development (L&D) and remote work offer employers and employees alike. 

The outcome, according to a recent PwC survey, is that 83 percent of employers say the shift to remote work has been successful at their company, putting greater pressure on online training and onboarding environments to match and support the desire for a new corporate L&D culture.

             Where do things go from here?

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Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon
Andreina Bloom Parisi-Amon
January 20, 2023