Engageli v3.0 enables active learning in new ways

Sasha Mathrani
By Sasha Mathrani on December 01, 2022

Engageli is a purpose-built platform to empower educators to deliver engaging and active virtual learning experiences synchronously and asynchronously. Our team is constantly incorporating feedback from our partners to iterate on our product and ensure it provides a flexible and inclusive learning environment. We are excited to announce the launch of Engageli v3.0, which has a brand new look and feel as it continues to better serve instructors and learners to connect and learn together.

Here are the three key areas* now available within Engageli 3.0:


Improved usability: the brand new look and feel provides a simpler, more intuitive approach to managing and participating in an Engageli classroom with added options for customizing your viewing experience. The simplicity of this new version allows instructors and learners to focus on engaging in active learning experiences instead of learning to manage a digital tool.


  • New tab structure in Engageli makes it simple to find the content you are looking for at any time instead of clicking through menus and settings like in other video conferencing platforms.
  • Customize your view to open and close Chat, Notes, Q&A as needed instead of having a default view that doesn’t support your teaching or learning.
  • Switch between Dark and Light modes to choose a look and feel that is comfortable for you.
  • Activate classroom and table activities with a central ‘Actions’ button making it easier to find the tools you need as an instructor.
  • Search for chat messages, edit or delete sent messages, take and annotate screenshots in the chat to make the most of communicating via chat.


New modes of engagement:  active learning is at the core of the Engageli classroom, so we have continued to add new ways for learners to have an active role in their learning and for instructors to see who is and is not engaging during a class session.




  • More Distributed Docs - Share Google Slides and Microsoft 365 Documents (in addition to Docs and Sheets) so learners can work collaboratively without leaving Engageli.
  • Polls for ‘smart’ small groups - Split the class into table groups based on similar or differing poll responses to have more control over the composition of table discussions.
  • New non-verbal reactions (including sounds!) - provide learners with multiple modes of staying engaged.

Enhanced collaboration and engagement in asynchronous playback rooms: the asynchronous experience in Engageli is unlike any other - with the ability to stay engaged with peers and interact with multimedia content, Engageli 3.0 takes active learning in an asynchronous environment to a new level. Plus built-in enhancements to reduce the need for external tools and platforms. 




  • Upload external videos in the Admin Portal that can be viewed within an Engageli Playback Room so learners can collaborate with peers in their asynchronous experience. 
  • Upload PDFs for learners to access at their own pace while in a Playback Room. Keep all classroom resources in one place!
  • Live session whiteboards are now included in the recordings for asynchronous viewing so learners who are viewing an earlier session can watch the real-time collaboration they missed, and can launch their own whiteboard to collaborate with others in the playback room.
  • Use Engageli to edit and trim class recordings to share the best version of the class with learners. No external video editing tool required!

Reach out to partnerships@engageli.com to set up a live demo of Engageli v3.0 today! If you are a current Engageli partner and interested in upgrading to Engageli v3.0 please reach out to your Engageli representative.

*For more details on the v3.0 release, please check out the full release notes available on our help center


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Sasha Mathrani
Sasha Mathrani
December 1, 2022