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Case Study: How DeVry Uses Engageli to Foster Collaboration and Active Learning

Sasha Mathrani
By Sasha Mathrani on August 15, 2023

DeVry University has established itself as a leader in both higher education and virtual learning, blending innovative technology with expert-led curricula to empower students for more than 90 years.

DeVry envisioned a virtual learning environment that merged the convenience of online education with the immersive experience of in-person learning. But their challenge? Traditional online video-conferencing tools were falling short, lacking the collaborative spark and active engagement needed for effective learning.

Determined to continue leading the field of higher education in offering innovative learning experiences, DeVry University partnered with Engageli. The result? A year-long pilot program that not only met but exceeded expectations, leading to increases in both student satisfaction and performance.

Key Benefits of the DeVry & Engageli Partnership We Explore:

  • Engageli's interactive features for online learners, including chat, note-taking, and video playbackIncreased Student Collaboration: Learn how using Engageli's tables led to seamless small-group and one-on-one interactions between students. 
  • Engagement Data: Read how professors at DeVry used valuable engagement data to monitor student learning both during whole-class lectures and table discussions.
  • Playback Experiences: Discover how students built community and continued learning through collaborative playback room experiences.
  • Classroom Persistence: See how student interactions persisted on the Engageli platform after live class sessions ended.

Unlock the Future of Online Learning With Engageli

Engageli's platform breaks conventional boundaries by bringing the energy and interactivity of face-to-face interactions into the realm of online education. Download our comprehensive case study and discover how DeVry University transformed its virtual learning landscape in partnership with Engageli.

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Published by
Sasha Mathrani
Sasha Mathrani
August 15, 2023