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Case Study: Driving Innovation and Engagement at University of Nicosia

Talia Kolodny
By Talia Kolodny on June 06, 2024

The University of Nicosia’s School of Business is renowned for its excellence in teaching and research, particularly in the interdisciplinary fields of business and ICT. It stands as the #1 business school in Cyprus and Greece, according to the 2023 Times Higher Education World University Rankings for Business and Economics. The school is dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience through innovative teaching methods, exemplified by the recent adoption of Engageli, a cutting-edge platform designed for active and collaborative learning.

Within the first year at UNIC, Engageli adoption grew from 90 to 850 students, significantly improving interaction and engagement. The team at UNIC shared that the Engageli team provided exceptional support and training, ensuring a smooth transition and successful implementation for instructors.

Explore this Case Study of Engageli at the University of Nicosia:

UNIC Social Quote
  • Data-Driven Learning and Teaching: Engageli's detailed analytics help track learner progress, identify at-risk students, and improve teaching methods through data-driven decisions.

  • Peer Learning and Collaboration: The platform facilitates meaningful peer-to-peer connections, supports group projects, and provides a dynamic learning experience.

  • Improved Learning Experience: Instructors and students have reported high levels of satisfaction and engagement, finding the platform effective and enjoyable.

Unlock the Future of Learning With Engageli

Engageli's platform breaks conventional boundaries by bringing the energy and interactivity of face-to-face learning into the realm of online education. Download our comprehensive case study and discover how the University of Nicosia transformed its virtual learning landscape in partnership with Engageli.

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Talia Kolodny
Talia Kolodny
June 6, 2024