Give your employees the best environment for virtual learning

Engageli empowers you to deliver any educational content with a designated platform for highly efficient, active, data-driven learning. Including:
  • Skill Development
  • Onboarding Sessions
  • Security and Compliance Tasks
  • Leadership and Management Training
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Learning is an integral part of today's work. Using your team's video conferencing tool just won't do it.


Learning, training, and knowledge sharing require a different environment and a new set of technology tools. Allow your team to learn more efficiently, connect and build a community, and focus on outcomes and knowledge implementation.

Deliver a best-in-class employee experience with Engageli for Corporate Learning and Development:

A learning platform focused on outcomes

Create highly engaging sessions while reducing facilitation complexity for the instructor

With an easy-to-use, innovative toolkit for engaging learning activities, you can seamlessly integrate polls, quizzes, whiteboards, shared documents and more.


Build an engaged employee community with new ways to work in small groups

Use tables for group work without losing access to the trainer and the rest of the room. The trainer can hop from table to table or observe group activity at a high level, and support learners to keep them attentive and involved. 


Give each learner a first-of-its-kind online notebook

Use Notes to give any participant a private space to take notes and action items. Learners can access their time-stamped notes to easily revisit the needed information, live or during a recording.

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Rely on data to create the best learning experience for your team

Use Analytics to improve your sessions based on data you can only get from an online experience: table conversations, hand raises, chat messages, and more. 

Trainers can track all participation for real-time adjustments and post-session analysis to improve engagement and learner outcomes.


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