Drive Employee Engagement
With Engageli

Engageli delivers engaging and community-building learning experiences for your employees and partners around the world,
whether they are in the office, remote, or both.
With collaboration and communication tools built-in,
develop your team's skills synchronously or asynchronously from any device.

Engageli offers integration with LMS and Identity Management tools and SSO, along with employee engagement and
data extraction via APIs for seamless integration into your company's data lake to help inform employee insights.

 It's the future of work. 



Engageli supports on-site and online employees in blended sessions.
Specialized technology features were developed for on-site employees (i.e., picking up the on-site microphones for off-site employees to hear them, but not playing the audio in the physical conference room speakers, which could cause an audio-feedback loop or echo).

  • Stream high-quality video clips controlled by the instructor
  • Engageli provides an anonymous mode for asking questions and providing answers, which encourages broader participation and supports an inclusive learning climate
  • Cloud-based access for all, including those without the newest computers, mobile devices, or the fastest internet connections
  • Browser-based technology requires no installation
  • Standalone session management, or integrate with your LMS
  • Designed for accessibility and to protect employee privacy
  • State of the art encryption
A laptop showing engageli gallery
Bandwidth-optimized browser-based technology requires no installation



Engageli recreates the engaging small group learning of an in-person setting with
the tools and analytics of online technology.
 Collaborate with peers and instructors through persistent Q&A with support for anonymous mode, as well as communicate through chat messages (1:1, instructor, tablemates, everyone). View learner / co-instructor feedback from several channels, including chat and emoji-based thermometers.

Collaborative Table setting
Recreate the engagement of an in-person setting in everything from small seminars to large lectures

Based on active learning principles, one of Engageli’s most unique features is the virtual tables of up to 10 participants each. Employees can be assigned to a table by the instructor or self-select one to join. When not at tables, employees can be addressed and seen as one large group. While seated at a table, employees can converse amongst themselves to discuss concepts or group project assignments.



Employee engagement and participation are captured across sessions.
Detailed analytics are available in a dashboard for instructors to view and download. Employee engagement and participation are captured across sessions.

Interactive polls and quizzes (i.e., single choice, multiple-choice, text-based) can be integrated into training materials to gauge employee comprehension and participation. 

Integrated polls - Engageli tags
Integrated features ranging from interactive quizzes, polls, and content sharing help make active participation a seamless part of learning



An Engageli virtual classroom is created for each training or onboarding section.
Each session is recorded with closed captioning for interactive and collaborative,
asynchronous access via an Engageli Playback Room. The same secure URL is used for the sessions and Playback Room.


Engageli Playback Rooms provide:

  • Employee access to any authorized recorded class session; employees can engage in a session individually or with a cohort of two - 10 learners
  • Shared player controls to manage the synced recording
  • View and post to the session Q&A, anonymously or named
  • Note-taking time-synced to the recording Screenshots with annotation
  • Session download for offline learning
Engageli playback rooms
Interactive, self-paced session recordings include polls and quizzes

Transform employee engagement at your organization