DeVry University & Engageli: Collaborative Asynchronous Learning

Lindsey Seril
By Lindsey Seril on November 28, 2023

For today's learners, both flexibility and quality in education are essential. To meet this need, DeVry University, in partnership with Engageli, is focusing on creating engaging asynchronous learning experiences.

This blog post explores the insights and innovations shared by Eric Stortz from DeVry University and Anita Chawla from Engageli at the QM Connect 2023 conference.

The Asynchronous Learning Model at DeVry University

DeVry University recently announced a partnership with Engageli to deliver high quality, flexible, and collaborative virtual learning experiences. This partnership has allowed for an asynchronous design that’s providing a connected experience which emulates live synchronous learning for DeVry students. 

Key Features:

Playback Rooms: DeVry uses Engageli’s Playback Rooms for adult learners to attend classes on their own schedule. Playback Rooms are designed to go beyond a simple recording and provide a connected experience to the live class, leveraging notes, Q&A, and the ability to answer polls and quizzes - all within the same link as the live session. 

Usage Trends: An interesting observation is the dominant preference for asynchronous playback sessions, with recent trends showing up to 75% of DeVry students opting for this mode.

Weekend Engagement: A notable 44% of playback viewing happens over the weekend, demonstrating the flexibility and convenience of this model.

This model is particularly tailored for DeVry University's mission and today’s learners, who often juggle busy schedules. 

DeVry University mission

DeVry University’s Next Initiative: Collaborative Spaces

The next initiative focuses on Collaborative Spaces where students can engage asynchronously. This includes group study, project collaboration, and accessing class recordings together.

Benefits of Engageli’s Collaborative Spaces:

• Peer-to-Peer Learning: These spaces foster a peer-to-peer learning component at scale. Students can join their peers in a flexible and asynchronous environment.

• Comprehensive Access: Collaborative Spaces provide access to course material and reinforce concepts. Students are in the classroom with access to all of their notes, assignments, and recordings in one place.

• Learning Ownership: Instructors can easily enable a supportive environment to make learning fun. Students can own their experience and join their classroom on their own schedule.

Engageli Collaborative Space

Institutional Considerations for Adaptation

Adopting this model involves several institutional considerations.

Considerations for Institutional Adaptation:

• Engaging Delivery: Best practices for engaging delivery that serve both live lessons and Playback Rooms are crucial at the institutional level. Engageli facilitates this pedagogical delivery with patented action tags.

• Activity Tracking: Engageli’s platform enables tracking of student activity across both the live session and the Playback Rooms, aiding in proactive support and success coaching.

• Scaling of Faculty Knowledge: Features like guest lecture recordings enrich the learning experience, bringing insights from industry professionals into both the live and asynchronous sessions.

• Use Cases in Management Programs: From leadership speech classes to internship opportunities, these collaborative spaces offer a range of practical applications.

• AI-Powered Learning: Instructors can leverage AI-powered features like the Engageli's Playback Assistant and Summaries, offering students an interactive and efficient learning experience.

Student asking question to Engageli's AI Assistant

DeVry University and Engageli's collaboration is a testament to the evolving landscape of education. By harnessing technology and innovative teaching methodologies, DeVry is enhancing its approach to high-quality asynchronous learning experiences. 

A special thanks to Eric Stortz and Anita Chawla for their insightful presentation and for leading the charge in transforming asynchronous learning. If you'd like to hear more from Anita and Eric on asynchronous learning, check out their expert insights in our recent Q&A session.

Introducing the Presenters

Eric Stortz, Associate CIO and VP of IT, DeVry University

Eric StortzEric Stortz is the Associate Chief Information Officer, VP of IT, at DeVry University, broadly responsible for the technology portfolio at DeVry University. Therefore, Eric’s team works to apply existing and emerging technologies against the problems and opportunities in higher education.

A 20+ year veteran of the higher education industry, Stortz has held various leadership roles. At DeVry Education Group and Adtalem Global, Eric was a Senior Director of IT responsible for IT operations at campuses in North America and the Caribbean. At Colorado Technical University (CTU), he was the Vice President of Operations responsible for operations at campuses nationwide and the online education delivery. Furthermore, he held different positions at Career Education Corporation, including Vice President of IT.

Eric earned his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Wittenberg University in Ohio. He began his career working as an electrochemist and holds two patents for his work. 

Anita Chawla, Managing Director of Partner Success and Strategy, Engageli

Anita ChawlaAnita Chawla is responsible for partner success, strategy, and operations of Engageli’s North America portfolio.

With 25+ years in EdTech, Anita has held various leadership roles specializing in architecting and implementing systems with sustainable business models at scale. Her prior experience includes architect and strategy roles at Pearson, ASU EdPlus, Purdue Online, and PwC’s ERP division. She also spent a couple of years at Wall Street in a Merger and Acquisition advisory role for Goldman Sachs.

Anita has taught online and understands the faculty and student needs, and has implemented project based online models in the K-12 classroom.

Anita earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and her MBA in Finance and Accounting. 

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Lindsey Seril
Lindsey Seril
November 28, 2023