Innovating Education: EdTech Initiatives at Melbourne Business School

By Brian Rashid on August 24, 2023

In today’s digital landscape where new ideas continually reshape the field of higher education, Engageli seeks to spotlight thought leaders who are making an impact. This article, featuring the work of Warren Kennard, explores how how Melbourne Business School is integrating innovative technology like Engageli to advance online education.

As the education landscape continues to evolve, institutions like Melbourne Business School recognize the importance of embracing innovative technologies to enhance learning experiences and reach a broader audience. 

Warren Kennard, Director of MBS Online, recently shared some of the EdTech initiatives and programs being developed at Melbourne Business School, as well as their efforts to prepare students for the future of education and technology. Kennard believes the EdTech space is ripe for transformation, and shared some key insights into its development as "the greatest opportunity of our time."

Expanding Educational Access and Scalability Through Technology

Melbourne Business School has a rich legacy as a prestigious institution. As a direct result of significant technological advancements, the School is now striving to broaden its reach and provide more accessible and scalable programs, and to cater to individuals who may not have otherwise had the chance to experience the institution's programs at its primary campus in Carlton, Melbourne. While uncompromising on its exceptional standards of quality, Melbourne Business School is actively working towards creating a more inclusive learning environment.

Leveraging Technology to Enhance Learning

While the School still chooses to rely heavily on human-led interactions, Melbourne Business School recognizes the potential of technology to enhance the learning experience. The School has implemented several EdTech solutions to support students and foster a collaborative social community.

1. Yellowdig: Melbourne Business School utilizes Yellowdig, a social community platform within the higher education landscape. This technology enhances the traditional learning management system (LMS) by providing a robust discussion board environment. Students can ask questions, search for specific topics they are interested in, and engage in meaningful conversations with facilitators, support functions, and peers.

2. Engageli: The synchronous component of Melbourne Business School's programs is facilitated through Engageli. This technology supports the cohort experience by ensuring students come together periodically and systematically to learn from and with one another, together with the support of Academic facilitators and oftentimes industry leaders. Engageli’s virtual learning platform offers intuitive tools for synchronous sessions, including grouping by tables, interactive polls, and more. It also provides comprehensive analytics to track student progress and engagement and offers customized student support based on the learnings of those analytics. 

3. AI Chatbots: The School is also considering the use of AI chatbots to respond to student inquiries promptly. These chatbots act as intermediaries, providing quick assistance and acting as a concierge service when human responses are delayed. Kennard stressed the value we place on the speed and accuracy of response, and the more sophisticated these tools become, the sooner they will revolutionize the space. 

Personalizing Learning With Engageli and AI

Melbourne Business School has recognized that technology plays a crucial role in the teaching and learning equation, and that personalized support for students is important. The School analyzes data from platforms like Engageli to gain insights into individual student progress and provide tailored assistance. At this stage, the support remains human-mediated, but the School aims to leverage AI capabilities to further enhance the support system and to improve the learning experience in the future. 

Kennard also recognizes the rapidly changing educational landscape and is dedicated to equipping students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the future. By embracing innovative EdTech initiatives, the School aims to enhance teaching and learning experiences, fostering a dynamic environment that prepares students for the evolving demands of business.

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Published by
Brian Rashid
August 24, 2023