EOCCS Learning Community Symposium: The Value of Online Engagement

Lindsey Seril
By Lindsey Seril on August 31, 2023

For the seventh time, EFMD Global is bringing together thought leaders, educators, and business professionals at the forefront of online education at the EOCCS Learning Community Symposium

This year's Symposium explores the evolving landscape of digital education. The focus is on showcasing research and best practices for online engagement, plus giving practitioners and managers a space to challenge common beliefs about online delivery. Additionally, the optional Rethinking Business Education Workshop aims to help business schools develop new digital learning strategies to modernize their education. The event is intended for everyone interested in online learning, from business schools to companies.

The Symposium will be held on September 14th and 15th, 2023 at UPF Barcelona School of Management, as well as online. Virtual participants will be hosted on Engageli's innovative learning platform, ensuring that every participant enjoys a collaborative, interactive experience no matter their physical location.

What is EOCCS?

The European Online Course Certification System (EOCCS) is a certification system focused on ensuring the quality of online education, particularly in the realm of business and management courses. EOCCS also aims to create a community around online education, supporting emerging trends like simulations, micro-learning, and peer-to-peer learning.

Through its certifications and community engagements like this upcoming Symposium, EOCCS has been instrumental in not just setting the standards for online education but also in pioneering initiatives that make online learning robust, interactive, and meaningful.

Interactive Sessions Powered by Engageli

The EOCCS Learning Community Symposium isn't your average business education conference, and part of that distinction comes from hosting virtual participants on Engageli’s innovative platform. While webinars often involve a lecture-style approach, Engageli prioritizes interaction and engagement.

Engageli isn’t just a stage for speakers; it’s a collaborative space to discuss, debate, and dissect the latest trends and topics in management education. Participants are not passive attendees, but active collaborators in shaping the dialogue and direction of the Symposium.

Below are some of Engageli's features you'll see in action at the Symposium:

Tables: When it comes to group discussions, most virtual platforms use breakout rooms. Engageli takes it a step further with our Tables feature. Not just isolated offshoots of the main session, Tables allow you to dive into specialized topics in a focused, interactive small-group setting. At the EOCCS Symposium, Tables will be used to facilitate small-group discussions that enrich the broader topics at hand. They allow a level of collaboration and in-depth exploration often missing from large-scale conferences.

Real-Time Polls and Quizzes: Imagine a session where, instead of just listening to the speakers, you get to contribute your opinions through real-time polls or test your understanding of key concepts. Engageli’s interactive polls and quizzes will keep you on your toes and deepen your engagement with the session topics.

Data-Driven Insights: Engageli doesn’t just facilitate a great experience; it also measures it. Our platform provides detailed analytics that give organizers insights into attendee engagement and session effectiveness. These analytics aren't just numbers; they're a critical tool for continuous improvement and data on what worked well and what didn’t.

Session Spotlights: Evidence of Engagement and Engaging Faculty

Engageli's own Talia Kolodny, Alon Nachmias, and Sam Daly will be attending the Symposium both in-person and remotely. Don't miss out on two insightful panel discussions Engageli will be participating in: Evidence of Engagement and Engaging Faculty.

Evidence of Engagement Panel Discussion

This discussion aims to showcase how data and learning analytics tools can be leveraged to boost engagement among learners and faculty. The presentations will provide insights from three perspectives - school, expert, and supplier - illustrating how data has positively impacted engagement metrics. Discussion questions will cover topics including data protection and the final users of the information.

Engaging Faculty Panel Discussion

This panel will highlight case studies of schools who have successfully implemented strategies to engage faculty in designing and being proficient online. The panel will end with breakout groups for attendees to discuss what approaches they have witnessed at their own institutions, and why they succeeded or failed.

Meet the Speaker: Talia Kolodny

Talia Kolodny is a seasoned expert in educational entrepreneurship and teaching and learning innovations. With a strong focus on EdTech, she is a passionate advocate for expanding access to high-quality education for all. Throughout her career, she has spearheaded transformative initiatives at renowned organizations, making a significant impact on millions of learners worldwide. She has played key roles at Coursera, Khan Academy, Open EdX, and Engageli, empowering educators and learning leaders to navigate the shift to online and virtual classrooms while leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience.

Currently, Talia serves as Senior Director at Engageli, where she leads a cross-functional team including Partnerships, Business Development, Partner Success, and Operations. This global team of experts is dedicated to fostering engaged learning in the EMEA and APAC regions while enabling educational institutions to thrive in the digital era and effectively adapt to the evolving landscape of education.

Key Benefits of Attending the EOCCS Learning Community Symposium

Networking Opportunities

In today’s ever-connected world, networking remains a critical tool for professional growth. The EOCCS Symposium offers a unique platform to meet like-minded professionals who are equally passionate about online education. Whether you're coming from a business school, executive education center, or a corporate L&D department, you'll find invaluable contacts. You never know - the person you meet during a table discussion could be your next collaborator, mentor, or the key to a new opportunity.

Knowledge Sharing

The digital age has brought new ways of learning, and it's important to stay updated for personal and organizational growth. At the Symposium, you’ll gain insight into the latest trends, tools, and technologies that are shaping online community learning. The collective wisdom available at this event provides an opportunity to deepen your understanding of educational approaches and learner engagement strategies.

Skill Enhancement

Sharpen your skills through a range of interactive workshops led by experts in the field. These sessions will allow you to apply the theories and strategies discussed, transforming them from concepts to actionable skills. Whether you're experienced or new to online education, there's sessions for everyone who wants to improve their skills.

Register Now to Save Your Spot

To register for the EOCCS Learning Community Symposium, simply visit the event page and select if you would like to attend onsite or live online. The Symposium is a hybrid event, with in-person participants hosted at UPF Barcelona School of Management. Through Engageli, you can attend the event virtually from anywhere. 

The deadline for in-person participants is September 3, 2023, while online participants can register up until September 10, 2023.

Explore the Future of Online Education with EOCCS

The EOCCS Learning Community Symposium is not just another educational conference; it's a joining of innovation, strategy, and community. By attending, you’re enriching your knowledge, expanding your network, and contributing to the future of online and hybrid learning.

Engageli's platform amplifies this experience for virtual attendees, offering an interactive environment for learning and collaboration. From tables for collaborative discussions to data-driven analytics that measure engagement, Engageli is a partner in your learning journey.

Register today to join the conversation on the value of online engagement!

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Lindsey Seril
Lindsey Seril
August 31, 2023