May 22, 2023

DeVry University Partners with Engageli to Further Innovate its Learning Experience

DeVry leverages a leading virtual learning platform purposefully built for education

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – May 22, 2023 DeVry University today announces a strategic partnership with Engageli, a comprehensive learning environment purpose-built for education, to deliver high-quality, flexible, collaborative virtual learning experiences. 

"This partnership reaffirms DeVry’s commitment to continually innovate the digital classroom experience that prepares learners for a workforce shaped by continuous technological change,” said Shantanu Bose, Ph.D., DeVry University’s provost and chief academic officer. “We believe the best learning happens when faculty and students can interact with one another in a digital environment using modern technology capabilities that are simply not possible in a physical classroom.”

Engageli is designed to foster active, peer-to-peer connections, and valuable engagement with faculty. Built from the ground up by educators for educators, Engageli marries the best of traditional in-person learning with the virtual classroom experience. Furthermore, specialized integration capabilities allow additional features such as team teaching, industry guest lectures, and break-out rooms, while providing the framework for individual instructors to engage their students through live and recorded sessions. The platform encourages student engagement and provides real-time student feedback.

Following the success of the pilot program, DeVry University found the Engageli platform provided a richer student experience by going beyond just video conferencing to drive a digital classroom experience. Pilot student surveys found the majority agreed or strongly agreed with the statements that they made meaningful connections with their instructors and/or other students and were able to contribute to the live class discussion. By Fall 2023, DeVry faculty and students will be leveraging the new platform university-wide for a more collaborative and flexible learning experience.

“Based on years of experience, DeVry University has a sophisticated understanding of innovative online education that meets students where they are and takes them forward in their learning journey,” said Dan Avida, CEO, Engageli. “We’re excited to partner with the DeVry leadership and faculty to deliver to students a superior engaging and collaborative learning experience that drives success.”

With DeVry’s focus on enabling all students to thrive and succeed, the unique Engageli Playback Rooms are a key component to allowing students to learn effectively on their schedule. Students can engage with the content on their own or in small groups, as they would in the live session. 

Through this partnership, DeVry and Engageli are committed to making the student learning experience more effective by listening to student and faculty feedback and using data to drive continuous improvements. 

Media Contact
Hessy Fernandez 
DeVry University 

 Andreina Parisi-Amon
Engageli, Inc.