February 15, 2022

Launch of Engageli 2.0 Brings Seamless Purpose-Built Multimodality Teaching to Higher Ed

New Features Improve Learning Experience for Faculty and Learners inIn-Person, Hybrid, and Virtual Environments
SAN MATEO, CA – February 15, 2022 – Engageli, a purpose-built comprehensive learning environment designed by leading educators to foster active, collaborative learning, and deeper peer-to-peer connections, today announced the launch of version 2.0 of its platform. The latest version includes a browser-based instructor application, in addition to the native application for Windows and macOS, and contains a suite of new features to enable multimodality learning, as well as allow for seamless instructor adoption and an improved user experience for both instructors and learners.

While digital learning expanded in response to COVID, it’s increasingly becoming a must-have for learners and educators who demand flexibility. Colleges and universities around the world that recognize virtual learning is here to stay and requires a modern, purpose-built approach have adopted Engageli for in-person, virtual, and hybrid, flexible (“hyflex”) environments that include both in-person and online.

“Since Engageli launched in 2020, we’ve been continuously investing in improving the platform based on partner feedback. We are proud to expand access and continue delivering exceptional, flexible learning experiences that are personal, engaging, and rooted in learning outcomes,” said Dan Avida, Co-Founder, and CEO. “Our partners in higher education have been testing version 2.0 for several months and have shared positive feedback on how easy it is to get started, how flexible the platform is, and how the new reporting allows them to better measure engagement and identify at-risk students.”

Engageli 2.0 allows instructors to teach directly from a web browser, without downloading and installing an application. This makes the platform usable on more devices while optimizing bandwidth use, and greatly simplifies the onboarding experience. Learners can join an Engageli session via a browser or a native iOS app.

“First and foremost, we are a teaching and engagement-focused platform, and all product improvements are in service of improving learning,” said Dr. Andreina Parisi-Amon, VP of Learning & Teaching. “Engageli 2.0 integrates a number of features that educators have been looking for to deliver a seamless and rich learning experience and power a true transformation towards a more flexible and inclusive environment.”

New features and capabilities of Engageli 2.0 include:

Playback rooms for flexible content engagement
  • Learners can engage in an asynchronous class session individually or with a cohort of their peers. They can answer polls and quizzes, take time-synched notes, capture screenshots and annotate for personal reflection. Or download the session from the Engageli cloud for asynchronous learning.
Simplified audio modes that make class management easy
  • Table Mode, the primary audio mode, fosters community and collaboration by allowing learners to be in small groups while still hearing the instructor and being connected to the full class. Room Mode allows instructors and all students to hear from each other regardless of where they are seated and is ideal for smaller, full classroom discussions.
Native integration with the whiteboard platform Miro for collaboration and group projects
  • Instructors now have the ability to seamlessly integrate Miro whiteboards in class for easy collaboration, ideation, and brainstorming.
More tools for co-instructors and reporting to improve learner engagement
  • Improved engagement markers deliver better insights into student activity, improved tools to handle class recordings, and enhanced tracking and reporting capabilities.
Improved record-keeping and technical troubleshooting to improve class efficiency
  • Students now have the ability to easily download class chat history for later reference and can troubleshoot issues with a self-test capability for audio, microphone, camera, screen share, and connectivity, allowing for common technical problems to be solved before classes start.
For a full list of 2.0 release notes visit our knowledge base.

Purpose-built for education, Engageli provides an always-on, inclusive, engaging experience for learners, as well as instructor tools to increase engagement, identify at-risk students, and develop data-driven teaching practices across modalities.

Based on active learning principles, one of Engageli’s most unique features is its virtual tables, with learners clustered together in smaller groups of up to 10 students each, promoting peer-to-peer learning and meaningful discussion. Students also have access to threaded Q&A, notetaking, and chat functionalities, and can interact with their peers and instructors through the Engageli platform during and after class. While providing learners with an engaging and collaborative experience, these capabilities also enable scaling the classroom.

“In the past two years, multimodal learning has become part of the new normal,” added Avida. “Engageli is powering the transformation towards a more flexible and inclusive learning environment and is the premier tool delivering digital solutions to educators.”

To learn more about Engageli and experience version 2.0 firsthand, we invite you to attend Engage 2022 on 2/15/22 - 2/16/22, where academic faculty, edtech professionals, and thought leaders in higher education will be discussing driving the evolution of a flexible and inclusive learning environment.

About Engageli
Engageli is advancing the higher education industry globally by improving virtual teaching and learning experiences. Its premier cloud-based, multimodal digital learning technology creates flexible, inclusive, secure environments optimized for student connections and active learning. Recognized for these innovations, Engageli was named to the 2021 HolonIQ EdTech 200 list, highlighting the most promising education technology companies in North America, and earned honorable mention in the 2021 Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award program, which honors companies and initiatives that inspire better and more equitable learning. Founded in 2020 by Dan Avida, Dr. Serge Plotkin, and Dr. Daphne Koller, Co-Founder of Coursera and Insitro, Engageli has raised over $47 million in funding. To learn more, please visit

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