September 29, 2021

Macquarie University Partners with Engageli to Deliver High-Quality, Flexible Learning Environments

Virtual Learning Technology to Boost Peer-Led Learning, Collaboration, and Engagement


PALO ALTO, Calif., September 29, 2021 -- Engageli, a virtual learning technology designed to enable superior experiences in higher education, today announced a strategic partnership with Macquarie University, an Australian university and one of the world’s leading academic institutions. 

The partnership comes at a time when universities are shifting to remote learning as a result of the Covid-19 Delta variant. Macquarie University sought a compelling way to not only interact with students studying remotely offshore, but measure and understand class engagement. After teaching online through traditional video conferencing platforms, Macquarie University ultimately chose Engageli as its primary partner, as the platform closely replicates the experience of a traditional face-to-face classroom. Engageli also offers increased flexibility for students and faculty in the midst of uncertainty and rapidly changing health and safety guidelines.

Macquarie University is the first institution in Australia to implement Engageli. The university will leverage the virtual classroom technology through its pathway college with students at the diploma level from around the globe. Engageli’s unique features, including flexible table seating arrangements — designed to replicate, and even surpass, a traditional classroom — will foster engagement and peer-led learning, ensuring students interact throughout a class. In addition, embedded polling and note-taking, as well as Q&A and chat functions, will further drive quality learning outcomes.

“Engageli will be invaluable as we continue to strive to provide the best learning and teaching experiences for our students,” said Dr. Pamela Humphreys, Director, Macquarie University International College. “We were drawn to Engageli’s fresh look that closely replicates the classroom experience, along with the built-in polling functionality and the ability for students to add screenshots of what the teacher is displaying to their personal notes. We were also keen to take advantage of the analytics and to be able to leverage this capability to incentivise student engagement.”

Macquarie University will use the Engageli platform across a range of classes, including Critical Thinking and Engineering Design. With this partnership, Macquarie University will be able to provide students in Australia and beyond with a range of learning environments that adapt to their individual needs — whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

“It has been incredibly rewarding to witness how Engageli is helping unlock new models and possibilities of learning for Macquarie University in the midst of the ongoing challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Dan Avida, co-founder and CEO of Engageli. “We believe that our continued collaboration with this world-leading university to create flexible learning environments will enhance education as a whole not just now, but in the future.”  

Since its inception in 2020, Engageli has accelerated towards its mission to provide superior learning experiences that are engaging, flexible, collaborative, and inclusive. To date, dozens of higher education institutions and tens of thousands of students are using the platform to reimagine the learning experience. 

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About Macquarie University International College
The Macquarie University International College offers a seamless pathway into undergraduate degrees for students who are seeking a flexible entry option. Wholly owned by the University, our students complete their Diploma before transitioning to the second year of the Macquarie University bachelor course on the same familiar campus.

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Uniquely located in the heart of Australia’s largest high-tech precinct, Macquarie University brings together 40,000 students in one exciting hub of discovery. Over AU$1 billion has recently been invested in our facilities and infrastructure so our students can thrive in learning environments that are inspiring and switched on to the latest digital technologies.

About Engageli
Engageli is advancing the higher education industry globally by improving virtual teaching and learning experiences. Its premiere cloud-based, multimodal digital learning technology creates flexible, inclusive, secure environments optimized for student connections and active learning. Founded in 2020 by Daphne Koller, Co-Founder of Coursera, Dan Avida, and Serge Plotkin, Engageli has raised over $47 million in funding. To learn more, please visit