Elevate Institutional Success with Engageli: Addressing RSI Requirements

Lindsey Seril
By Lindsey Seril on February 01, 2024

In the intricate world of online education, compliance with Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) is both a benchmark for success and a significant challenge. Engageli is a pioneering solution, offering educational institutions a pathway to meet RSI requirements through innovative tools and comprehensive analytics. These tools not only validate instructor initiatives, but also enhance student participation.

Keep reading for insights into how Engageli helps institutions meet RSI requirements and boosts the effectiveness of virtual learning.

Engageli whiteboard, tables, and data insights

Addressing RSI Requirements with Innovative Learning Tools and Unparalleled Data Insights

Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI)

Requirement 1: Initiation by the Instructor

Engageli’s Virtual Immersive Classrooms: Engageli redefines the virtual classroom. It provides small-group tables for discussions, interactive whiteboards, and collaborative tools, empowering instructors to initiate and guide meaningful connections. Students can interact with peers or directly with their instructor by raising their hands or meeting with the instructor at a private table.

Playback Room for Asynchronous Learning: The Playback Room is Engageli’s answer to asynchronous learning. Here, instructors can spark discussions, run polls, host office hours, and promote peer-to-peer participation, ensuring learning continuity outside live sessions.

Requirement 2: Regular and Predictable

Structuring the Classroom Experience: Engageli’s platform allows easy access to information on scheduled sessions, validating a structured and predictable learning environment. Its analytics provide live, comprehensive tracking of participant engagement, ensuring regularity in the learning process.

Data-Driven Feedback Systems: The platform's data and analytics offer administrators timely and regular feedback, a cornerstone of RSI compliance. This includes real-time insights into the dynamics of instructor-student interactions.

Requirement 3: Substantive and Course-Focused

Enhancing Synchronous and Asynchronous Engagement: Engageli’s live sessions create an environment for active participation. Instructors can gauge student involvement through real-time engagement indicators, ensuring a dynamic and engaged learning experience.

Course-Specific Classroom Experiences: Instructors can leverage Engageli’s content library, polls, and Q&A forums to add course materials and videos into the classroom. Engageli’s tables enable delivery of course-focused outcomes.

Asynchronous Participation: Engageli’s asynchronous environment fosters continued participation in discussions beyond live sessions. Detailed analytics track student poll responses and discussion posts. Q&A can be immediately sent to instructors for quick responses and to enable continuous instructor-to-student interaction.

Partner with Engageli: Boost Your Institution’s Success

Engageli Table ModeEngageli offers comprehensive solutions for RSI compliance, including:

•  Instructor-student interaction reports

  Real-time and historical engagement data

  Advanced reporting capabilities

Enhance your institution's online learning experience with Engageli!

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Lindsey Seril
Lindsey Seril
February 1, 2024