Talia Kolodny
By Talia Kolodny
on May 16, 2024
"Making and Measuring Learning Impact", held on May 8th and hosted by Engageli, brought together over 100 learning leaders to explore deep questions on the ROI for learning. With expert insights from ...

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EngageLIVE Recap: The Future of Remote and Hybrid Work

Engageli held a virtual discussion that explored the future of work, challenging myths and providing tools for remote and hybrid work environments. The EngageLIVE session was hosted by Nisha Abraham, ...
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EngageLIVE Recap: Unlocking the Myths of AI and Data Intelligence

Engageli held a virtual panel discussion that explored the field of AI and data intelligence, challenging myths and presenting current real-world applications. The EngageLIVE session was hosted by ...
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EngageLIVE Recap: Unlocking Success in Today's Evolving Business School Landscape

We recently held a panel discussion that explored the dynamic and ever-changing landscape of business education. Business school leaders, deans, and online learning innovators came together for an ...
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Business Ecosystem Partners - sharing values, sharing work

We are honored to feature a guest blog post from Jade Mountain, Director of Digital at London Business School... Those of you who work with me know that I’m a huge fan of celebrating ecosystem ...
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EngageLIVE Recap: Sensemaking in Executive Education

Recently we held a virtual panel on Sensemaking in Executive Education: Preparing Business Leaders for the Unknown. Participants from more than 20 cities worldwide seeking inspiration, representing a ...
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