By Sam Daly
on September 13, 2023
As instructors, our ultimate goal is to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every learner feels comfortable and encouraged to actively participate. At Engageli, we are ...

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5 Essential Strategies for Effective Hybrid Work and Training

Did you know that 74% of company leaders are currently using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model? Meanwhile, 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their ...
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5 Ways to Maximize Team Productivity in Remote and Hybrid Work

Today's workspace is no longer confined to the four walls of an office - an increasing number of employees connect and collaborate virtually. But what does this mean for productivity, and how can ...
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Continue to build community outside of class

Building community is central to a safe, effective environment for learners. We shared a few ways to build community in your virtual classroom, but with Engageli, you can take that a step further by ...
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Starting the semester with a focus on community

Whether you are in-person, online, or some combination of the two, building community is essential to creating a safe and effective learning environment. As James M. Lang, an education writer and ...
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Five ways to have a seamless start to the school year

We know prepping for the new school year can be hectic. Whether you are a new educator or have tenure, we’ve gathered five helpful tips for a seamless transition back to your in-person or virtual ...
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How to successfully onboard a new (virtual) team member

Engageli is fully remote; the team spans five countries, and represents eight time zones and nine US states! While working remotely has its benefits, it also has its challenges. Here are some of the ...
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