Talia Kolodny
By Talia Kolodny
on May 01, 2024
Discover why Engageli has been recognized as a top EdTech company for 2024 by Holon IQ and how it is making waves in the education technology industry.

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Technology innovation leads to richer virtual learning experiences

Making remote learning experiences feel like the in-classroom experience remains a challenge in Higher Education. However, providing students with flexible, accessible, and engaged learning ...
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What Will 2023 Bring? The Future of L&D in a Hybrid World

As technology has evolved and driven both the creation of new business sectors and how both existing and new business sectors operate, there has been debate on what shape the future of corporate ...
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Using Technology To Create Engaging Remote Learning Experiences

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic-induced shift to widespread remote work and learning, emerging trends in training pedagogy have accelerated, creating a new opportunity for engaging tech-enabled ...
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Life in the classroom after the pandemic

(Translated from Spanish)
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Engageli: a comprehensive solution for learning & development

Corporate learning and development (L&D) is as important as ever, helping companies gain and retain top talent, improve productivity, and contribute to the company’s success. Hence, it’s ...
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Why online learning must remain part of the education toolkit

Much has been written about the lessons from the Covid-19 induced pivot to remote learning in higher education but a recent feature in the New York Times entitled, “My college students are not OK,” ...
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Cool tool: Engageli

Here’s a cool tool: it’s a comprehensive learning environment purpose-built by educators to provide a superior learning experience and drive strong learner outcomes in higher education. It’s called ...
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Talented STEM scholars collaborate on Engageli

Engageli, a purpose-built comprehensive learning environment designed by educators to foster active, collaborative learning, and deeper peer-to-peer connections, announced that it will be supporting ...
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Time for tech

Technological advancements keep any industry fresh, and the meetings and events industry is no exception. Historically speaking, the general look and feel of today’s meeting technology has improved ...
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‘Do it all’ culture ‘driving great resignation’ in academia

Academics are “burning the candle at multiple ends” as they struggle to marry an 18th-century ideal of their craft with the demands of the 21st-century world, according to edtech guru Daphne Koller.
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