By Scott Moore
on December 08, 2022
Next up in this series evaluating Engageli according to a rubric published in Educause for measuring the effectiveness of active learning technologies is the criteria: ‘Participation.’ (The ...

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Easy to Use: Engageli as an Active Learning Tool

Please join me as I look at how Engageli measures up against a rubric designed to evaluate active learning technologies. You can find an overview of this rubric and how Engageli stacks up here. In ...
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How Engageli scores on an Active Learning Rubric

Sasha Mathrani, a former teacher, instructional technologist, and current Engager, recently shared a post about active learning that highlighted two main points: 1) active learning matters, and 2) ...
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EngageLIVE Recap: Sensemaking in Executive Education

Recently we held a virtual panel on Sensemaking in Executive Education: Preparing Business Leaders for the Unknown. Participants from more than 20 cities worldwide seeking inspiration, representing a ...
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