Sasha Mathrani
By Sasha Mathrani
on February 26, 2024
Various studies have shown that active learning helps learners process and retain information. What better way to encourage active learning than live polls during a training session?

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Toolbox Overload: How to Declutter Your Digital Classroom & Truly Engage

Picture your next training or L&D session. As a facilitator committed to active learning, you are likely planning to incorporate a variety of digital tools to keep engagement high. You might ...
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5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement in Online Education

Student engagement is a key predictor of academic performance and knowledge retention. One study by Gallup found that engaged students were 2.5 times more likely to do well in school, and 4.5 times ...
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Elevate Institutional Success with Engageli: Addressing RSI Requirements

In the intricate world of online education, compliance with Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) is both a benchmark for success and a significant challenge. Engageli is a pioneering solution, ...
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Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) in Online Learning

In online education, institutions face the challenge of adhering to Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) compliance. This requirement, set forth by the U.S. Department of Education, requires ...
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Using Learner Analytics to Enhance Online Instruction & Training

The use of technology and data analytics has become increasingly important with the necessity, flexibility, and ubiquity of virtual training and instruction. Learner analytics can be used to identify ...
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Increasing Facilitator Control in Virtual Sessions: Engageli Updates

Managing a group of learners, whether in the classroom or in training sessions, can be difficult. The shift to fully online learning environments has added unique challenges, particularly when ...
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5 Tips for Managing the Chat During Virtual Classes and Trainings

Facilitators of virtual classrooms and training sessions must balance presenting their session material, navigating the features of the platform, and holding their learners' attention to keep them ...
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10 Fun Icebreakers for the Virtual Classroom

Engaging learners online can be a challenging task. To create a warm and welcoming class community, icebreakers are essential tools. You can start each virtual session with one, or add in a ...
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DeVry University & Engageli: Collaborative Asynchronous Learning

For today's learners, both flexibility and quality in education are essential. To meet this need, DeVry University, in partnership with Engageli, is focusing on creating engaging asynchronous ...
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How Engageli's Tables Support Online Small-Group Collaboration

Imagine an online classroom that feels as dynamic and interactive as a physical one. With Engageli's tables, collaboration and engagement between online learners is simple.
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Create Engaging Asynchronous Training with Learning Parties

What if online training sessions could be just as engaging as Netflix watch parties, while keeping all the flexibility of self-paced modules? In a world where Netflix has revolutionized the way we ...
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